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Electives are a time in which our middle school students may choose classes that may be of interest to them.  This provides a diversity to their education and a glimpse into skills or interests.  Although electives are added and changing each semester, these are some of the options that are or have in the past been offered.


Did you ever wish you could learn another language?  We have Spanish, but how about a look into another language?  This class delved into the beginnings what makes up the French language and culture.  Students studied French history, traditions, and the basic structure of the language with first hand experiences that included films, music, and, of course, food.  Through the semester, these seventh and eighth graders learned how to greet someone in French, adjectives, and vocabulary for classroom objects, holidays, colors, and numbers.  An explorative experience, this course laid the groundwork for studying French in the future.


Who doesn’t love history?  In this class, the students learned to look at individuals from history in a more personal light, recognizing that these characters were actual people who weren’t that different from them.  Through the semester, students created a parody song of Hitler’s conquering of Europe to the Disney song “Let it Go,” and then spent time learning about the Tudors in Henry VIII’s English Court.  To wrap up the semester, students began work on a court reenactment of the Benghazi trials.  Through each of these projects, they were able to recognize the expansiveness and passion that is within world history.


The News team practiced choreographing a news broadcast, composing interviews and scripts along with their editing their footage.  The broadcasts are sent out as well as posted on social media.  


Coding is an expanding academic and professional realm that benefits our students to know for their future endeavors.  In this course, students discovered the way in which to write HTML coding, creating their own Web pages on tourist locations.  From this point, they were able to integrate platforms and their uses among businesses before wrapping up the semester with an introduction to binary code.

Research Methods

Integral in academic fields, research is a skill that must be learned.  In this course, students were taught the ways in which to research with the greatest ease and success.  From credible websites to citations and formats, this class encompassed all things researched and database related to provide the foundations for study.


In this class, students will be introduced to the basic concepts of theater and performing as an art.  Students integrated various techniques in order to build their confidence, stimulate their creative imaginations, and develop their movement and role playing.  Through theater activities, lessons, games, and, yes, even performances, students will be able to learn how to navigate the stage while building trust in themselves and their abilities.


Who doesn’t love exploring the mythological worlds of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses?  Within this course, students will learn the beliefs, cultures, and histories of the ancient societies that created these stories, gaining knowledge beneficial to academic disciplines such as literature, art, religion, science, psychology, and literature.  Students will interpret myths, identify themes and symbols, and analyze the cultural significance.

Film Noir

This course is perfect for the movie buff as we do a flexible and interactive investigation and celebration into the category known as Film Noir.  Through this course, we will watch a series of movies within this classification and discuss the ways in which the art was achieved.  We will discuss the history of these films - the means, motives, and the opportunities that led to the making of film noir in Hollywood as hard-boiled crime dramas.

Social Media and Presentations

Internet usage is becoming a way of life, and networking is essential.  In this course, students learned about social media platforms and the way to post on these platforms through diverse methods.  They made their own infomercials and presentations through different programs, from Publisher and PowerPoint to iMovie and Movie Maker.  These students created several projects that were then utilized within the school.

Theatrical Productions

The school is doing a musical!  How does a play come about from start to finish?  This question is answered in detail as students learned the intricacies of advertising, auditioning, casting, scheduling, and prepping necessities that are found within the responsibilities of the theater world.

Myths and Wonders of the World

The world is full of myths and mysteries, but what are the answers to them?  Discussing the Great Wonders of the World and such matters as time travel, UFOs, and Big Foot, the middle schoolers in this class are sure for a wild ride.


Wouldn't you love your child to know some tasty recipes to cook for you?  Ask no longer!  Cooking is an elective where students learn exactly how to make delicacies for your palette from pizza and lasagna to chicken cordon bleu and nachos, this class is certain to result in being well fed.


This class developed and expanded skills in the production of photographs by utilizing various forms of cameras and equipment.  The students learned the methods of making artisitic photos by following rules of composition, light, exposure, elements of arts, and principles of design.  They products are displayed throughout the school and sold at the BASH each year.  

Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law gives our students the skills to be active, engaged citizens through the education and skills required to successfully create change in their communities.  If your student has dreams of being a lawyer one day, this is the course for to take!


Handbells are a unique, group instrument that are fun to play and leave the rest of us singing!  This class learns the ways in which to play handbells and then practices to play for our weekly masses.