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A Catholic School for grades PreK-8
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2017-2018 School Year Tuition


Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School has several options to help you with the payment of your tuition. 

Option 1:  10 monthly payments starting in July of the upcoming school year and ending in April of that same school year; with payments due on either the 5th or 20th of the month.

Option 2:   2 equal payments, The first payment in July of the upcoming school year on the 5th or 20th, and the second payment in January of that same school year on the 5th or 20th.

Option 3:   Payment in full in July of the upcoming school year on the 5th or 20th.

All tuition payments are collected through FACTS Management Payment Program.  FACTS offers a variety of ways to make your payment.  You can pay by setting up an automatic draft from your checking or savings account with no service fee or you may use a credit card to redeem points or miles, so you may choose to pay via Master Card, Visa, or American Express.  Credit cards will the assess the customary fee of 2.85% for each transaction.

4 yr. old Pre-K: 


$5,760.00 annual (No sibling or multiple children discount available)

Grade K – 8: 


Parishioner                                                              Non-Parishioner


1 child family                  $5,030.00 annual                                              1 child family               $6,320.00 annual

2 child family                  $8,780.00 annual                                              2 child family             $12,640.00 annual      

3 child family                $11,770.00 annual                                              3 child family             $18,960.00 annual


Application fee (non-refundable):  $25.00 per child (one time)

Registration Fee and Diocesan Tax (non-refundable):  $150.00 per child per year

FACTS Management Payment Program charges a non-refundable annual processing fee based on your payment plan choice.  Annual or semi-annual fee is $20.00 or $46.00 for the 10 month plan.