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Learn About Our Library

To build up a library is to create a life.  It’s never just a random collection of books
~Carlos Maria Cominguez

The Library Catalog is available for viewing any time by clicking here

This link will also enable you to view the books that your student(s) currently have checked out, fines, reserves, and let you know what is new in the library.  Don't miss the option to make suggestions in the top right corner.  For younger students, try a catalog option designed specifically for them by clicking here.

Hours of Operation

Our library is open in accordance with the school calendar from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.  

Library Objectives

To provide library books in order to:
• Supplement the classroom curriculum
• Encourage students to discover the advantages and joys of reading
• Are current, well-organized, and easily accessible
• Encourage students to practice and improve in their reading abilities
• Present a curriculum-related program centered on library instruction and use
• Promote responsible library citizenship with an emphasis in the proper care of materials and respect for the rights of others

Book Care

All books are the property of Holy Spirit Catholic School.  

It is important that all materials are cared for in order to ensure they are available for the years to come:
  • Keep books in a safe place, away from any foods, liquids, or pets
  • Do not peel or remove and labels or covers from books
  • Use a bookmark instead of folding down pages

Lost or Damaged Books

It is the responsibility of the students and subsequently their parents to replace and/or pay for any lost or damaged books. 

Library Rules:

1. Enter quietly and be respectful of others.
2. Treat your book like you treat a friend.  You don't wipe your nose on a friend.
3. Return books when due so that others may enjoy.
4. Be considerate of others' time - it takes time to organize and fix the books.  Do not intentionally create havoc.
5. Raise your hand if you would like to ask a question or speak to the class.
6. Do not climb on library furniture or those in the library.
7. Only second grade and below are permitted in the easy section.
8. No talking is permitted without expressed permission.
9. Do not venture behind the desk of the librarians.  This is sacred ground.
10. Do not utilize the computers for tasks other than those permitted.  No gaming.

Library Procedures:

Collection Development

The Collection Development Procedures for the school library of Holy Spirit are established in accordance with the mission of the school.  For more information on these standards and guidelines, please see the Collection Development Policy.

Donations and Gifts

The procedures for donations to the Holy Spirit School Library are specified through the Collection Development Policy.  All gifts must have the accompanying form filled out and submitted in order to be accepted.

Material Weeding

Books and resources are weeded within the library based on several standards, including multiple copies, inappropriate material, damage, or a lack of interest in circulation and/or curriculum.  When items are selected to be weeded, they are placed in a location for students to have access to claiming them for a period of two weeks, and then they are donated to local charities.

Library Consequences

When students break the aforementioned rules within the library, specific consequences apply.  These are:

• First Infraction: Verbal Warning
• Second Infraction: Formal, Written Reprimand
• Third Infraction: Removed From Class
• Fourth Infraction or Serious Offense: Detention
• Fifth Infraction: Suspension
*Some serious infractions are subject to suspension


Students are permitted to check out two books simultaneously, except kindergarten and first grade whom are permitted one.  Books have a checkout period of one week, and the Middle School section has two weeks.  When returned, books must be given to a librarian for check in and re-shelving.  If not returned by the due date, materials will incur fines of $.05 per day maxed out at $15.00.  If an item is lost, it is the student(s)’ responsibility to pay for the replacement.  Books that are returned damaged will be applied to the student(s)’ account for replacement.  Books must be checked out before or after school, or during library time, not during the class times of other students.  If a student believes that they have returned a book that is being shown as checked out and/or overdue, it is the student’s responsibility to speak with a librarian to resolve the issue and find the book.  Overdue notices will be sent to teachers and parents once a month for resolution.  Outstanding fines and checkouts will result in the student being unable to check out further materials and potentially restrict access to report cards at the end of the term.


Censorship is not encouraged at Holy Spirit Catholic School.  It is not our place to determine what is acceptable and what is not; however, books that are not age appropriate or in accordance with Holy Spirit Catholic School’s mission will be removed.  If a question or a problem arises, see the Censorship Form for information on how to submit a request for reconsideration.

Holy Spirit has a diverse age range.  If a book is determined to not be age appropriate for a student, there is a form that may be signed by the parent granting permission for that book to be checked out to their student.  The librarian may refuse permission to check out a book until this form is returned.


Volunteers must have Youth Protection I to work in the library.  If they are ever present without the librarian, they must have Youth Protection II.  While all help is greatly appreciated, there are pre-ascribed guidelines that must be followed and adhered.  Volunteers are not to instruct students in their coursework.  If a student needs assistance locating a book, volunteers are encouraged to help them; however, volunteers may not instruct students in terms of resource usage and class work.  Volunteers must let the librarians know when they plan to be present.  The library is a busy place, and there is not always accessibility.  A volunteer(s)’ use of any library computer(s) must be approved by the librarian.  This includes all laptops and desktops stationed in the library.  If using a librarian(s)’ personal computer, the volunteer must cease when the librarian is not present.  Permission is not universally granted, nor does it automatically carry over.  Decisions about library organization and management must be approved by the librarian.

Upcoming Events

Book Fair

The Fall Book Fair is coming up on December 10th - 14th!  The theme for this year is the Enchanted Forest.  Parents Night will be held on Tuesday, December 11th.

Reading Auction

6th - 8th Grades are participating in a Reading Auction this year!  The more they read, the more coupons they earn to use as money in the spending spree of a life time.

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