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School Performances April 12th
Friday, April 13th
Saturday, April 14th
Sunday, April 15th
Friday, April 20th
Saturday, April 21st
Sunday, April 22nd

Based on the Academy Award-winning film, Disney's Lion King Jr. is the story of a young lion prince learning what it means to become king without letting life get him down.  The show is adapted for the stage with a slightly shorter run time that makes it perfect for young auditences.  By the time the show is over, the whole family will be in the "Hakuna Matata" mood, and that means no worries for the rest of your days - or for a night at least!

If you or your child would like to participate in the Lion King production, please contact Anna Nicely at

For a complete rehearsal schedule, click here.

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Rehearsal Cancelled
By: Anna Nicely
Created On: 01/12/2018
Last Modified On: 01/12/2018
Lion King rehearsal is cancelled for Saturday, January 13th due to weather.  We will pick up next week on the listed schedule.
Starting Meeting
By: Anna Nicely
Created On: 01/10/2018
Last Modified On: 01/10/2018
Thank you to all of those that made it to our first meeting to kick off rehearsals!  You will be receiving a recap today of all that was covered.  See you for practice on Friday!