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There are many activates at our school where volunteers are needed!  No matter your gift, we have a place where you're needed!  Some examples are listed below. Please refer to the weekly "Tiger Talk" to see upcoming events and contact the school if you wish to help. 

BASH: The BASH is a yearly fundraiser designed to help raise money for our school, whether in enhancing our technology, reconstruction of our playground, or maintaining an affordable tuition.  Each year, the BASH is a success through the efforts of countless parents, led by a Chair and Co-Chair.  Construction, sales, leadership, decoration, all bases are covered in this yearly extravaganza. 

Carnival: What better way to connect with your school community than through a Fall Carnival?  Each year, the PTO hosts a Carnival right here on the soccer field of Holy Spirit.  Volunteer spots to fill include ticket sales, food booths, games, rides/inflatables, set-up and tear down, the Cake Walk, and more.  

BASH Parent: Every class has their own special flare added to the BASH each year with a basket that represents them (or their parents).  This parent leads the charge in gathering items to put into the basket to be auctioned off and help raise funds to keep our school reaching its high standards.

Room Parent: Teachers work hard and can always do with some extra help.  The Room Parent helps with coordinating the other parents to assist the teacher in whatever is needed throughout the year, including events with Field Days, Christmas and End of the year parties, and, down in Kinderland, Camp Kinders.  

Santa's Workshop: Have a flair for sales and love getting into the holiday spirit?  Then this is the stop for you!  Each year, Holy Spirit hosts Santa's Workshop for our students from all grades to shop for the perfect present for all their friends and family.  Keep an eye to Tiger Talk for information on when this opportunity is looking for more help.

Books, Books, and More Books: Book Fairs come to Holy Spirit twice a year, and the more, the merrier.  If you just love to be around books, though, there's no need to wait for the Book Fair to arrive.  There is always plenty of shelving or reading room in the library.  Contact for more inforamtion on the volunteer needs in the library.

Cafeteria Helper: Lunch time is a favorite of us all, especially our children.  Join us for lunch to assist in the preparation, distribution, and clean up of the mid-day meal.  Contact for more information.

Theater: We have a growing and thriving theater department at Holy Spirit that always has room for more.  With more than 100 active students, volunteers are needed for judging events, assisting with rehearsals, set construction and design, advertising, lighting, sound, you name it.  Contact to lend your gifts to this excitement filled mission.

Coaching: For each sport that is offered at Holy Spirit, there are parent coaches leading the charge.  For each time, we need at least two coaches to encourage, direct, and lead our students.  Whatever your sport, we need you!  Contact for more information on the needs in coaching.


The Diocese of Birmingham has long recognized that children, youth and other vulnerable persons can be at risk from certain individuals present in every community. Individuals who for whatever reason, prey on those weaker than themselves. We recognize that whenever children and youth are out of their parent’s direct care they are especially at risk. In 1991 a set of policies and procedures were promulgated to help ensure that Catholic institutions and programs would be as safe as possible from those seeking to harm minors. Training sessions were implemented to prepare staff and volunteers to continue their ministries in safe and healthy ways, and to properly respond and report allegations of suspected child abuse. Policies, procedures and training continue to change and grow as the needs of Catholic institutions have changed.

Schedule of Youth Protection Training

On-Line Youth Protection 1 Alternative

*Each session of training is valid for 3 years.  Check with Mrs. Guettler in the office at to see if your information is current. 

More information on Youth Protection may be found through our Diocese's website or by clicking here.

When you purchase an item that has a new Box Tops icon, scan your receipt with your phone app. No clipping and instantaneous earnings! Please note that this must be done within 14 days of purchase. 

Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School is now an approved school in the Kroger Rewards Program! All you have to do is log into your account at and go the Community Rewards section and designate our school as your rewards recipient (must have a Kroger Rewards card)! 

Do you shop at Publix? If so, you can support our school just by entering your phone number at check out!  


Collect bottle caps to help benefit our school! BONUS: You no longer have to count the caps before you turn them in – just make sure they are plastic and are a screw top.  

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