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Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School opened in September 1960 under the leadership of Reverend John A. McGonegle, and was originally staffed by the Sisters of Mercy.  Through the years additions were made to the original four-classroom school building.  A kindergarten was added in 1978.

On November 15, 1989, a devastating tornado struck at 4:37 in the afternoon, destroying Holy Spirit Church and School.  Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School was rebuilt and reopened.  In August 1990 (exactly 30 years after the original school building was opened), a new, much larger school building was occupied.

Since that time there have been two more major additions to the school building.  These consisted of 8 more classrooms, an auditorium, several meeting rooms and a youth room.  In 2013 we opened our 1st Pre-School class for 4 year olds.

Today, enrollment is approximately 370 students with an average teacher to student ratio of 18:1 for kindergarten through eighth grade and 10:1 for our 4yr old Pre-K.

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